Customised Goodie Bags


    Customised goodie bags in any theme of your choice! Goodie bag artwork will also be personalised with your child’s name, age and a thank you message, if any.

    Each bag comes with 8 healthy children’s snacks and educational favours including:

    1 x Children’s Snack
    1 x Children’s Drink

    1 x Bottle of Bubbles
    1 x Bottle of Play Dough or Slime
    1 x Box of Crayons or Color Pencils
    1 x Coloring or Activity Book
    1 x Sticker Sheet or Puzzle
    1 x Surprise Fun Favour or Toy

    Each bag measures 5.25″ x 8.5″. We require a minimum order quantity of 12 bags.

    Goodie Bag Theme

    Celebrant’s Name

    Celebrant’s Age

    Thank You Message