DIY Baby Party-In-A-Box


Celebrate the mummy-to-be and the little one! This box comes with everything you need to with everything you need to treat the soon to be mummy to the most wonderful shower. Turn it into a Baby Gender Reveal Party with our signature Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon for the big reveal so that your family and friends can equally treasure the special moment with you.


Each DIY Baby Party-In-A-Box contains:

1) Baby onesie flags banner
2) ‘About To Pop!’ foil bunting
3) Gender reveal photo props (Set of 10)
4) Helium-inflated latex balloon bouquet

1) Baby onesie party plates (Set of 8)
2) Baby onesie party cups (Set of 8)
3) Baby onesie party napkins (Set of 8)
4) Baby onesie toppers (Pack of 12)

For The Mummy-to-Be
1) Mummy-to-be sash
2) Advice for parenthood cards (10 cards)
3) Baby milestone blanket gift keepsake
4) Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Balloon

Gender Reveal Balloon Options
It’s A Boy! – Blue Confetti
It’s A Girl! – Pink Confetti
It’s A Surprise! – If you’d like to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, get a representative to email us at with the gender of the baby at least two working days before order fulfilment.
No Gender Reveal Balloon – Will be replaced with a Baby Foil Balloon Bouquet if Gender Reveal Balloon is not required

Complimentary Mini Tool Kit (Worth $10)
All the tools that’ll come in handy when setting up your party, including:
1) Blue Tack
2) Scissors
3) Lighter
4) Adhesive Tape
5) Disposable Plastic Gloves

Step-by-Step Instructions
Full instructions sheet & guidance from our professional party stylists on how to create a perfect setting!

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