Proposal Hotel Room Surprise Package


Are you trying to find the perfect way to tell your special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Well we’re here to help. This is a day you want to remember forever, so let us create the perfect setting for this magical moment.

This package comes with:

Color Scheme: Crimson red, pink & rose gold

Room Decorations
50 x Free-floating 11” latex balloons
50 x Air-filled 5” latex balloons
1 x Jumbo ring foil balloon
Warm fairy lights

For Your Fiance
1 x 36” Will You Marry Me? Balloon
Bouquet of flowers

Something Sweet
Choose 1 item
(1)Premium box of chocolates
(2) Box of macarons
(3) Box of chocolate-coated strawberries

To Celebrate
1 bottle of sparkling juice (Top up $50 for sparkling rose wine)
2 plastic champagne flutes

Our team will assist with setup at the venue. No teardown is required, client may keep all items.